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The original photography is not mine. The artistry applied to them is.


About 14 billion years ago the universe rapidly began to expand.  It’s known as the Big Bang Theory. It’s poorly named as there was no explosion. Just a rapid expansion of everything.  That expansion continues to this day.  We live on tiny planet called Earth. We’re sadly a scared people. Though, there are some of us that want to think and learn. However, most of us are simply content accepting old fairytales of powerful gods. It’s understandable, it really is.  Having to think and learn is hard. It’s much easier to just believe that some all-powerful being is in control. The problem with that however is that they are holding the rest of back. By force, by fear, by ignorance and denial.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who when confronted by something new or different, run from it. They fear it because the simple fact is that as a species, we’re pretty weak. We bleed easy. We die easy. This kind of thinking in a large part kept the caveman alive allowing them to eventually evolve into us. But, there’s that the other kind of people.  The ones that think. The ones that examine. The ones that want to learn everything they can, from everything they see. It’s good to be couscous. But, it’s better to study. It’s better to observe our world and learn from it. There was a time to be afraid but that time is over. The past is there to learn from but the future is ours to make. Cultures that refuse to evolve always fail. Always.




  1. Asking questions. I.e. "Why does water always lie flat?"
  2. Formulating a hypothesis. (Educated reasons why water always lies flat.)
  3. Predictions. (If I pour water into an uneven container my observations suggest it will also lie flat.)
  4. Testing. Conduct experiments to test your hypothesis.
  5.  Analysis.  Interpreting the data you collected from the tests and determining the results.


You can apply this process to everything of great significance. You may not always get the results you want but you will, for sure, be closer to the truth. Facts without evidence are not facts, they are mere speculation at best.  Anyone asking you to accept their "truth" without facts is trying to sell you something for their own good, not yours.


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